Why is it Important to Book Your Pet Sitting Appointments Online?

We’ve been providing pet sitting in Toms River since 2007 and since we founded our company, we knew wanted to provide the best service to both our 2 legged and 4 legged clients.  There are many ways in which we strive to reach our goal and have many systems in place to help keep us organized.

You may wonder why we have an online database and scheduling system.  Why wouldn’t an email or phone call be enough to ensure the appointment set?  The answer is simple.  We want to make sure no visit is ever missed.  We like to keep communication streamline and having an online scheduling system allows us and our clients to be on the same page when it comes to their appointments.

Book Your Pet Sitting Appointments Online


Here’s a quick story to show why our online system is so important:

It was a Wednesday evening around 5:30 pm when I answered a call from a daily dog walking client.  As soon as  I answered, she said: “Tori, why didn’t anyone come to care for Gretchen today?”  My stomach automatically turned into knots as this is not a call any pet sitter wants to hear.  Did we really miss a visit?  Ugh!  No!   I stopped my negatively racing mind and thought for a second. I looked at our schedule and told the client that we didn’t have Gretchen on the schedule for today and didn’t receive a service request.   She replied that on Monday, she had a left a note on the counter before she left for work asking for Wednesday services.

I apologized and told her I would look into it, as the sitters always let clients know to contact the office to make an appointment, and that I wasn’t aware of any note being left.  The client said she would check with her husband.  As I was on the phone with her sitter to ask if she had received the note on Monday when she visited, the client called back.  It turned out that the client left for work before her husband did and at some point, before he left, Gretchen had jumped up on the counter, taken then note and started chewing it.  Dad just thought it was trash, so he didn’t open it up to read it before he threw it in the garbage.   Oh, no!!

How Our System Works:

Once a client submits a service request, we review it and approve it.  The client gets an automatic email with the appointment information that says the appointment has been approved and that is how clients know their pets are on our schedule.

Appointment Approval

Appointment Approval

Without the system, we would be working with hundreds of clients and thousands of appointments without a fool proof way of knowing the appointment requests are accurate and on our schedules.  Our team wouldn’t be nearly as organized or efficient without all the information in one place.





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