What Happens if My Pets Make a Mess While I Am Gone?

You LOVE your pets, right?  ABSOLUTELY!  As your pet sitters, we love your pet, too! We love them when they’re tails are wagging and they can’t contain themselves to say HI.  We love them when we’re walking them in the rain or snow.  We love them when they’re nervous and need us to teach them that they can trust us.  We love them when they give us kisses!  And, we love them…even when they make a mess!

Pillow Sacrifice

Pillow Sacrifice

We understand that cleaning up messes is just part of the territory as a pet sitter in Toms River.  Here are some of the reasons we find pets make messes:

  • Puppies make mistakes when they’re young and potty training.
  • Senior pets sometimes don’t have the muscle control they once did and may go to the bathroom without even realizing it.
  • Pets sometimes vomit if they’ve eaten too much or too quickly.
  • Medical conditions or some medications can sometimes cause increased drinking which leads to increase urination.
  • Boredom may lead to pets chewing or scratching household items.
  • Loud noises like thunder or fireworks may make pet so nervous they go to the bathroom or ruin household items.

Laundry Room Mess

In the case of the laundry room picture above, we called the client to let her know her pup wasn’t very happy being confined in a new room and let her know the bleach opened and was on the floor, so it was possible he could have ingested it.

A little redecorating

A little redecorating

When I walked in to see the redecorating this pup had done, my stomach was in my throat!  I called Dad to ask if this was a new project his dog was helping him with and Dad chuckled and said his dog had done it the day before and he was aware.  Whew!  I cleaned it up and laid the carpet back down, hoping to deter him from continuing.

If a pet in our care makes a mess, we clean it up as best as we can.  This is the reason why we ask where cleaning supplies are located when we come for the initial consultation before services begin.  We also don’t scold or punish your pets for making a mess.

If your pet has reoccurring accidents, we will adjust their visit times to see if that resolves the problem.  Other times, we may call clients to discuss bringing their pet to the veterinarian to make sure there is not an underlying medical cause for the issue.



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