What Happens During Overnight Pet Sitting?

Overnight pet sitting is a luxury service we offer here in Toms River, NJ.  Some clients like the security of knowing one of our sitters will be in their home overnight, not just to deter burglaries but to be with their pets and catch any problems that may arise.

We get lots of questions about overnight pet sitting, so here are the answers to the most common questions:

Q:  What do you do when you arrive at night?

A:  First, we will let the pups out (or take them for a walk) to alleviate themselves.  Then, we’ll complete any home tasks you’ve requested.  Did you want the outside perimeter lights turned on?  The blinds shut?  A special gate locked?  After that – it’s usually playing time or cuddle time.  Whichever your pet prefers.  Some pets like a game of tug, hide and seek…some like to cuddle on our laps and watch TV or lay on us while we read a magazine.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Lady & Gracie taking a nap before bedtime

Q:  How late do you let the dogs out?

A:  Usually, the last call is around 11:15-11:30 pm.  Of course, if your fur baby wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to go out, we’re certainly going to accommodate them.  We want them to happy and comfy!

Q: Where do you sleep?

A:  Where ever you want us to!  Often times, we sleep where ever the pets are.  So, if they’re used to sleeping in your bed, under the covers (and you want us to) then that’s where we’ll sleep!  Maybe your fur babies all have their beds in the living room….we have no problem sleeping on the couch.  It doesn’t matter to us where we sleep, as long as your fur kids are HAPPY!

Max snuggling with Tori

Max snuggling with Tori

Q:  What happens in the morning?

A:  When we wake up, we let the pups out back or take them for a walk and litter boxes are cleaned.  Everyone is fed according to your instructions and medications are given, if necessary.  Morning play and loving time is dolled out, too! Before we leave, the pups go out for another chance to go potty.

We have so much fun during overnight pet sitting, that we’ve nicknamed them Paw-jama parties!!!



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