What Happens During a Dog Sitting Visit?

A few weeks ago, we showed you all the fun our kitty client’s have with us.  Why should we let the cats have all the fun?  Now our doggie clients want to share their dog sitting in Toms River stories with you!  Get your dog treats out and get ready to make some new friends!

Everyone Wag Your Tails for Rusty!

Rusty is one AWESOME boy!  He typically gives us that awesome greeting you see in the video above and then meets us at the door with a toy or a play bow!  I typically give him lots of love when I first walk in and get him excited to go outside.

Rusty has some wildlife friends who like to walk through his yard and Rusty isn’t too happy about it.  So, we scan the yard for critters before we let him out.  After he does his business, we play soccer and chase around the back yard.  Rusty LOVES to play and it doesn’t matter where we do it as long as he has fun!  When we play tug inside – he could pull your arm out!  He has such a grip and really enjoys the game!

What Happens During a Dog Sitting Visit?

What Happens During a Dog Sitting Visit?

What play session is complete without treats?!  Not ours!  Not only is so much fun to play with, but he’s also fun when we give him treats!  He likes to sit and JUMP to catch him treats!  It’s awesome!


Rufff Rooooo Bark  Roooo!!!   Translation:  Meet Max, Ellie, and Deezy!

Their family has been clients since we started the company in 2007!  Max, Deezy, and Ellie are all sporting dogs and LOVE to run!  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them walk – they just blaze through life FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Their personalities are amazing and their zest for life is catching!  I can’t help but leave smiling whenever I care for them.  Their care consists of playing lots of fetch in their own, HUGE backyard.  Yes, they have their own backyard – separate from the rest of the yard.   Max could play fetch until you can’t feel your arm anymore.  It doesn’t matter what else is happening around him – just throw the toy!

Ellie and Deezy like to run at top speed around the yard playing a game I call “Gladiator Puppies!”  They leap and tackle each other, get up and do it again.  They jump pretty high and run crazy fast!  They’ll play and play and play until they’re absolutely exhausted and lay next to each other panting….still pawing at each other.

Max and Deezy are great eaters and usually finish all their dinner with no hesitation.  Ellie, on the other hand, is a little finicky.  She prefers some cottage cheese or a splash of milk mixed into her dinner.  It doesn’t matter to me – whatever they want.  🙂

Max pointing at his toy

Max pointing at his toy

Put Your Hackles Down!  It’s Only Mookie and Augie!

Mookie and Augie are about the sweetest boys you ever want to meet!  They both have their own “special needs” but that doesn’t make us love them any less!  Mookie sometimes will pee – where ever he is – if he’s excited or nervous.  So, that makes for a fun visit when he’s on Mom’s bed and can’t control himself!  We’ve learned not to say “hi” or anything to him until he comes out to us…on the hardwood floor…which makes for easier cleanup. hehehe.

Augie is super scared of thunderstorms and even has a Thundershirt.  When we care for the boys, we pay close attention to the weather forecast so we can help make sure Augie stays calm and safe.  We’ll leave the TV on pretty loud, to help block out those loud BOOOOOMS, make sure he has his Thundershirt on, and we’ve even made special trips over to check on him in the middle of the night when a random thunderstorm has appeared.

Augie rocking his ThunderShirt

Augie rocking his ThunderShirt

The boys are always super excited to see us and LOVE going out to play in their yard.  They usually walk the entire perimeter of the yard, investigating and making sure everything is how they left it.  Then, it’s playtime and they’ll run around, chase their tails or roll in the grass.



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