What Do Pet Rescue Volunteers Do?

We’ve all heard the pet adoption slogan, “Don’t Shop, Adopt” right?  Have you really thought about how this is possible?  Who makes it possible for us to adopt pets who NEED us, rather than purchase one?  Well, the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly, around the clock!

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.  ~Sherry Anderson

Have you ever thought about what it means to be a volunteer for a rescue or shelter?  What do they do?  How do they do it?  It’s amazing!  Each of the volunteers plays a critical role in saving, rehabilitating, and adopting out EACH pet, every day.

Pet Rescue Volunteers

Here’s a list of things rescue and shelter volunteers do so that WE can adopt the pet we were meant to have:

  • Volunteers listen to messages and read emails every day about animals who need help.  Think about the horror stories they’ve heard and how overwhelming just this part alone could be.
  • Volunteers go out to locations where the animals are and rescue them.  Sometimes that means spending hours outside, earning the trust of these animals just to get a leash on them or get them to walk close enough to catch them.
  • Breed specific rescues go to shelters to meet pets they will be pulling, perform health assessments, personality/temperament tests, and determine if they can take the pet.
  • Volunteers get together to organize the transport of pets from one location to a foster.  Sometimes, these transports span several states or even cross country!
  • Foster homes must get their houses, families and their own pets ready to host a foster pet.  Some rescues pay for the foster’s food, other rescues cannot afford to pay for the food and the cost falls on the foster home.  Foster homes can provide medical care, basic training, socialization and confidence building for their new addition.
  • Volunteers take the time to bring pets to the veterinarian for routine examinations, vaccinations, heartworm tests, spay/neutering, and any other special medical care that is needed.
  • Volunteers screen potential adopters, answer their questions, call veterinarians and other references, perform home inspections, match the new family with the perfect pet for them and offer to follow up support to new adopters.
  • Volunteers organize fundraising events from conception to execution.

I’m sure volunteers could think of dozens of other duties to add to that list.  The work they do is selfless and truly for the love of animals.  Have you ever considered volunteering for a local rescue organization?  Whether you donate 2 hours a month or a week – they always need help and would welcome you!

We want to thank all the volunteers in Toms River and our surrounding community for all you do for the animals in our neighborhood!



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  1. Georgianna Engels

    We are owned by 2 rescued Pomeranians, 1 beagle and 9 cats. The Pomeranians came from a puppy mill, but all the others were from shelters. We thank all those who cared for our pets until we came for them and brought them home.


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