WANTED: Dog That Needs Walking in Toms River

Did you know that regular exercise for your canine companion can help combat some behavioral and medical issues?  Dog walking gives your dog mental stimulation – they get to smell the world, interact with people, and sometimes see other dogs while they’re out.  It may seem mindless to us, but for our dogs, they get to use their brains and be stimulated in ways they aren’t if they are just hanging out at home.  It’s also a great way to expend excess energy, which can reduce inappropriate behaviors like chewing and whining.

Dog That Needs Walking in Toms River

Just like in humans, regular exercise obviously helps keep your dog fit.  It can help combat becoming overweight and developing diabetes.  Regular walking also helps to build muscle and as your dog ages, it’s joints weaken.  Having strong muscles helps take some of the responsibility off the joints which will help your pup get around easier in the long haul.

We want to help keep your dog happy and healthy!   So, here goes!

WANTED:  Dogs to Walk, Monday-Friday Noon-2pm or 4pm-6pm

This could be YOUR dog if:

  • You work during the day and are unable to give your dog the physical and mental stimulation you know they need
  • They LOVE to sniff around and take in the beauty of your neighborhood
  • They are overweight and need a “personal trainer” to make sure they get exercise
  • They are hyper and need an outlet

If you or your dog is interested in our dog walking services, scroll to the top of the page and complete the Contact Form so we can get your pup on the schedule ASAP!





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  1. Jody Smith

    I love this idea! I may borrow it in the future!



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