Toms River Pet Sitting What Exactly Will We Do?

We’ve been pet sitting in Toms River for a decade now and believe me, we’ve heard LOTS of seemingly odd requests from our pet parent clients.  But you know what?  We don’t think they’re odd.  We don’t think our clients are crazy.  We LOVE getting these requests because we UNDERSTAND where you’re coming from!  We’re pet lovers and pet parents, too.  We have our own special routines, meals, and games for our fur kids.  We EXPECT our clients to have them, too!

Toms River Pet Sitting

Yes, we’ll cook scrambled eggs and hand feed your pets. No problem!

So to ease your mind, we’ve talked to some pet sitters from around the country (heck, around the WORLD) and here’s a list of things clients have asked us, as pet sitting professionals, to do for their pets:

  • If the cat dies, double bag him and put him in the chest freezer in the garage.
  • I once had to pill a cat only after I seated her in a baby high chair.
  • I had to cook for a little Schnoodle. My instructions were to measure out the food by counting out each piece of each food item in his meal – 15 peas, 7 pieces of carrot, 10 pieces of beef chunks, etc. The chunks were all cut to almost exact proportions and the pet parent left just enough of each ingredient to allow for all meals to be consumed exactly as written.
  •  Wipe the dog’s butt with a wet wipe after he goes potty.
  • Had to leave 1 almond in the basement for a mouse.
  • I cut up cucumbers for some exotic roaches. They were pets!
  • I had to milk the goat because she would dry up if not milked while they were gone.
  • I had to feed the cat raw food SIX times a day including between 4-5am and write in a notebook every time it pooped or peed.
  • Play certain MP3’s to the pets while they eat
  • Had a client with two little dogs which were NOT allowed to go out in the yard or go on walks. Their puppy pads were by the dining table, they had an entire drawer unit with treats of all sorts and IF we would want to “walk” them, then only in a pink stroller
  • I’ve been asked to sing lullabies to dogs when they’re settled in bed.
  • Walk the dog around a certain section of the yard 6 times clockwise and 4 times counterclockwise.

I loved hearing all these stories and testimonies of what other sitters have done.  We’ve done them, too!  We truly appreciate how special our client’s pets are!



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