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You’re a pet lover, right?  Of course, why else would you be reading stories from a pet sitter and dog trainer in Toms River?  Well, imagine that you’re in you later years of life and have given up the things to which you were so accustomed.  You’ve down sized your home, given up driving, maybe your pets have passed away or you recognized that as a home bound senior citizen, you are no longer able for care for your pets.

Could you imagine your life without pets?  Could you imagine not having their furry faces to wake up to in the morning and keep you company during the day?  I know I couldn’t!  I think I would be lost without my pets!

It seems like such a nightmare for many of us!  Fortunately, for us and the elderly members in our community, there’s the Caregiver’s Canine program!  This non-profit program is part of Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey and it’s a life saver for many homebound seniors in our area.

We proudly support this AMAZING organization and the great things it does for its recipients.  My own dog, Biscotti, and I are a Therapy Dog team for Caregiver Canine’s and look forward to visiting with seniors and brightening their day.

Local Therapy Dog Program

Caregiver Canine’s recipient Jean with Therapy Dog Biscotti

What is Caregiver’s Canine?

It’s a non-profit organization that matches homebound seniors with Certified Therapy Dogs (and their handlers) in their area.  The Therapy Dogs and their handlers then go to the senior’s homes and spend quality time with them.  The dogs provide comfort and companionship to their receivers and the dogs and handlers develop great relationships with them.  It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!  Visits are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or as often as the recipient and handler like.

What is the Therapy Dog and Handler Criteria to Become Volunteers?

The therapy dog and handler must be certified by a true Therapy Dog Certification Program, like Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.  Handlers must provide a copy of their therapy dog certification, proof of current vaccinations from their veterinarian and proof of town licensing.

The handler must complete an application to become a volunteer, which includes passing a criminal background check.  After all, handlers will be visiting recipients in their homes.

If you’d like to become a volunteer, please contact Danielle Maley at 732.505.2273 or

Want to see how this organization is positively affecting our community?

Join us at the 2nd Annual Caregiver Canine’s Variety Show on Sunday, November 4th to see some of their therapy dogs and recipients walk across the stage together before the main events start.

Caregiver Canine's Variety Show

If you’d like to know how you and your dog can become a Therapy Dog Team, please call us at 1.888.320.PAWS (7297) or email




  1. Lynette

    Caregiver Canines and Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey relies on our community to help us provide our services. Thank you just doesn’t seem to cover how appreciative we are of our friends at Endless Pawsibilities. They not only support our agency financially, but Tori volunteers with her amazing therapy dog Biscotti to ease the loneliness and isolation in the elderly. We are blessed to know you and count all of you as our good friends. Lynette

  2. Julie Fredrick

    It’s so great that you are involved in this wonderful program. Keep up the good work!


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