Toms River Pet Sitter Gives Local Pet Photographer Recommendation

Last February, I was contacted by a gentleman looking to have his dog cared for while he was away on vacation.  Although he was slightly outside of our service area, something told me to ignore the geographical difference and take him and his pooch on as new clients.   When I met him and his dog, PJ, at our consultation, I could totally tell he adored his dog.  I could also tell he was a genuinely nice guy….isn’t that a rare statement nowadays?

It wasn’t until I was sitting in Caregiver Canines Variety Show Committee Meeting and someone mentioned that we should ask pet photographer Mike Bagley to be a part of the event, that it all clicked in my head.  That awesome guy I had a consultation with just a few days prior, was the awesome photographer the committee members were referencing.  Well, that would explain the tons of amazing photographs in his home.  Eureka!

Since last year, we’ve worked with Michael Bagley Photography on a few great projects.  Mike came out to the Ocean County Park in Lakewood to take photographs of some of our dog training clients and their parents practicing.  He watched the dogs work and figured out the best ways to get some awesome photos.  At one point, one of the dogs kicked him in the head as it went over a jump and Mike’s only response, “I got the SHOT!”

Toms River Pet Photographer

Dixie JumpingPhoto Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

In October, he came to our dog training center and helped us capture various dog behaviors.  He spent his time finding the best way to capture the various postures and situations we needed.  All the while, never getting upset if it took longer than expected.  Never rolling an eye or huffing in frustration.

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Around December, MBP co-hosted a Pet Photo Day with us where all the donations went to the Volunteer Auxiliary.  This fundraiser came at the perfect time – as supplies from Hurricane Sandy were starting to wane and definitely needed.  Mike spent the day photographing LOTS of dogs – giving each canine and their owner the same level of compassion and professionalism.  He took his time, let the dogs smell him and his equipment, made lots of funny noises and worked to make them all comfortable.  Again, he never got annoyed or frustrated.  He truly understands that each pet has a different personality and he works with their personality to get the best photograph possible.

MontePhoto Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Monte Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

This past weekend, Mike loaded up his camera and equipment to meet me, my fiance and our dogs at Double Trouble State Park for our own photo shoot.  If I wasn’t impressed with him before – I certainly am now!  We headed to the water so our girls Tigger and Biscotti could play fetch and swim.  Mike sat on the rocky shore, played with Tigger, tossed her ball in the water, laid on the ground – whatever it took to capture the perfect moment.

We spent 2 hours with Mike going to 2 different swimming areas and ending with some photos in front of an old house in front of the park.  We never felt rushed.  The time flew by and we could tell that Mike truly enjoys what he does.

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

Photo Credit: Michael Bagley Photography

We won’t recommend just anyone to our clients.  We want to make sure they are the best and that we’re confident in their services.  I can honestly tell you that you will get the best customer services and photographs of your pets when you hire Michael Bagley Photography.  You don’t just have to take our word for it.  LIKE his Facebook fan page to see more photos, comments, and testimonials.  His work speaks for itself:  Amazing.



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  1. Carol Wright

    Thank you for your kind words about Michael Bagley. He is truly one of a kind. He photographed my Zoey several times thru Camp Bow Wow in Lacey Twp. Sadly both are now gone; but if ever I get another pet, Michael will be called upon do photograph him or her and most definitely will remember your name for pet care.


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