Toms River Pet Sitter Celebrates Local Veterinary Technicians

National Veterinary Technician Week Deserves Belly Rubs!

National Veterinary Technician Week Deserves Belly Rubs!

This week is National Veterinary Technician Week!  What an appropriate time to say THANK YOU and recognize all the hard work our local techs do for the pets in our community!

Veterinary technicians help veterinarians during exams, assist during surgery, monitor your pet while they recover, take x-rays, fill prescriptions, take blood samples and a multitude of other “behind the scenes” responsibilities.  Besides making sure your pets are calm, comfortable, and loved during their visit to the vet, think about how they help you, too.  Your veterinary technician has probably helped you answer new puppy questions, given you advice on collars, leashes and local fun places to visit with your dog.  They’ve reassured you that your cat isn’t the only cat who doesn’t like to visit the vet and took the time to ease your nerves and your cat’s during your visit.  They’ve made nail trims a positive experience.  They’ve comforted you during an emergency or hugged you when you’ve had to say good-bye to your beloved companion.

As pet sitters and dog trainers in Toms River, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know a lot of the vet techs in the area.  It’s always amazing to hear stories of how they’ve helped pets and clients.  They are dedicated to their profession and the pets in their care.

National Veterinary Technician Week Deserves Belly Rubs!

National Veterinary Technician Week Deserves Belly Rubs!

On Monday, we brought cupcakes and a THANK YOU card to all the techs at Ocean County Vet Hospital, Fischer Vet Hospital, New Prospect Vet Hospital, Toms River Animal Hospital, Bayview Animal Hospital, Dr. Levy’s Vet Clinic, and Berkeley Veterinary Hospital.  Most of the hospitals we’re busy helping their clients but we were able to snap a few pictures with some techs.

We also asked some techs to tell us why they became vet techs and what’s the best part of their job.  Here are some of the answers we received:

Denise R: “I have been a Vet Tech for about 32 yrs, I started when I was 16, I was a loner, the animals made me feel so at home and wanted and needed, I was accepted instantly into their world. I am most rewarded when a terrified animal comes for an exam and I can ease their fears (my wonderful boss gives us that extra time to ease the patient out) and we can have a wound free (us and/or the pet lol) exam, give them what they need and get them home again.”

Ryan G: “I became a vet tech because of the unconditional love I have for animals. I feel that I have a special connection with animals and it just comes so naturally to me. Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to work with animals, so many aspects of my job are rewarding.  I love being able to help a sick pet, help a pet recover from surgery, cuddle with a cute little puppy or kitten, help a scared or nervous pet feel comfortable, educate owners about proper health care for there pets and list goes on.”

Heather: “Being a vet tech is a dream come true.  I always knew I wanted to help animals and being a tech means I get to do just that!”

The next time you visit your vet, please make sure you say Thank You to the technician who helps you during your visit.  Your kind words will help them know they are truly making a difference.



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