Tips To Find The Best in Toms River Pet Sitting

If you could take your pet to work or on vacation with you that would be just awesome, right!  Unfortunately, for most people taking their pets with them isn’t always feasible and may even cause more stress to the pets than good.  Now, you have to find the perfect professional pet sitter for your fur kids – but HOW?!  Here are some simple things to consider when looking for a great pet sitter:

Best in Toms River Pet Sitting

  • Check with your friends and family:  A good recommendation is worth is weight in GOLD!  If your friends and family love their pets just as much as you do, chances are they did their homework before hiring their professional pet sitter.  Ask them who they use and why they chose them.
  • Check with your vet:  Your local veterinarian should be a great resource for you.  They have many ties to the community and most likely have trusted professionals they recommend.  Most veterinary offices won’t make recommendations unless they’ve met the company and feel confident in their services.
  • Google Search:  If your family, friends, and veterinarian don’t have a suggestion for you – take to the internet.  Search for local professional pet sitters.  Visit their websites – do they seem professional?  Is their site easy to navigate?  Do they explain their services?  Do they tell you how to become a client?  Can you read about the owners and staff?  Are they active on social media – can you be a part of their online community?  You should be able to get a good understanding of the company, the services and feel comfortable contacting them.  More importantly, you should FEEL that they are going to take great care of your pets! If you don’t – keep looking.
  • Are they insured?  When you talk to the potential sitter on the phone – ask if they are insured?  Are their staff insured?  You want to make sure you’re hiring people who take their job seriously and the first thing any professional sitter should do is obtain insurance.  If they are not insured, I wouldn’t consider them to be professional…more of a hobbyist.
  • What is their back up plan?  This is so important!  As for them what their back up plan is!  What happens if the sitter gets sick?  Has a car accident? Has a death in the family?  Who cares for your pet if your sitter cannot?  Do they call you and tell you, “Sorry, something came up.  I won’t be there.”  You need to feel confident that they have your pets as their first priority at all times.






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