The Cost of Pet Sitting in Toms River

One of the most common questions people ask us is, “How much does pet sitting cost in Toms River?”  This is a really great and relevant question! There is a big pricing difference between your friend who may be trying to help you out and professional pet sitters.  Professional pet sitters develop their pricing based on many factors.

Cost of Pet Sitting in Toms River

Here are some of the items they take into consideration:

  • How much experience does the sitter have?  As with any professional, the level of experience the sitter or company has is part of the equation.
  •  A company with other pet sitters on staff may be more expensive because they have the overhead of paying staff members.
  • How many pets do you have in your home that will need to be cared for?  The number of pets you own can be a factor in the total price.
  • What type of services do your pets need that will give you the best peace of mind and take away the guilt of leaving them?  Some clients prefer 1-4 visits each day, while others prefer overnight care.
  • Where do you live?  Typically, if you reside in a location that is inside a sitter’s service area, there won’t be any additional travel fees.  However, if you live outside of their area, you may have to pay extra for the time it takes to travel to your home.
  • Do your pets require any medications or injections?  Depending on the type of medications they need, some sitters may include administering medications in their price or they may charge additionally for it.
  • Is your pet aggressive?  Some sitters may have additional charges to work with animals who can pose a threat to their safety.
  • Some sitters charge by time and have determined time slots that you can choose from.  Other sitters do not charge by time and their price is all-inclusive.

The national average is $25 per pet sit and $60 per overnight but just like any service, it can vary by specific location.  As you can see from the list of criteria above, determining prices is an involved process and unique to each pet sitter.


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