Say Hello to the 4 Newest Therapy Dogs in Toms River

As a dog trainer in Toms River, it is so important to us to help our clients and their pups reach their goals.  Maybe their goal is to have a dog who walks nicely on a leash?  Maybe it’s to have a dog who listens to every member of the family?  Whatever the goal is, we are here to help them reach it.

We’re excited and honored to introduce you to some proud dog owners who worked with us and have reached their goal!! OK, OK!  Want to know what their goals were?  They wanted to become a Certified Therapy Dog/Handler Team!!!!  We have 4 dogs who have gone through our training programs and passed their tests!

We asked our teams the following questions and below are their responses:

  1. Why did you pursue Therapy Dog certification?
  2. What are your thoughts on the preparation process and the test?  Did you feel adequately prepared?
  3. What has been your experience as a Therapy Dog team?

 Mary & Darla

Darla Showing Off her Therapy Dog Certification!

Darla Showing Off her Therapy Dog Certification!

“I pursued therapy training for Darla because I come from a nursing and massage background and have seen the enjoyment that others receive from having a loving animal around.  Darla goes to work with me and greets those clients who enjoy the company of dogs and stays under my desk when she is not invited to participate.  Darla has a sweet disposition and loves everyone.
The training we received at Endless Pawsabilities was great.  It was not judgmental and was very educational.  Megan and Kelly helped me to see when Darla was outsmarting me during training.  It was a fun experience.  Darla was well prepared for her therapy test at Bright and Beautiful.  Everyone wanted Darla to succeed.
Darla just received her registration packet, so we will be following through with a request for her to visit residents at Bayville Manor starting as soon as possible. “
Mary and Darla have also become volunteers for one of our favorite programs, Caregiver Canines!


 Barbara & Kenzie

 Barbara & Kenzie

Barbara & Kenzie

“We chose to seek out Therapy Dog training as our Yorkie is a real lover.  She is calm outgoing and friendly.
We were delighted with the training we received from Endless Pawsabilities.  Kenzie would preform like a little trooper.  She was tested in Florida as we spend part of our winters there.  She was evaluated by Therapy Dogs Inc. and passed both the technical and in hospital evaluation with flying colors.  Kenzie took to the classes like a duck to water.  Classes and training were excellent!  If an A is a great grade, Kenzie got an A+ when she was certified – she more than knew her stuff

She loves the hospital visits and they love her.  Seeing the joy she brings is very rewarding.”

Megan & Rose

Megan & Rose


Megan is one of our company owners and trainers.

“Rose was a trained hunting dog before she came to our family.  She was gun shy and afraid of her own shadow, so we rescued her.  She was so shy and timid that she chose to spend most of her time in her crate.  We worked on confidence building for several months and it became obvious what a lover she is.  She has always been extremely tolerant of my children who were only 8 months and 2 years old when she came into our family.  Her desire to have a job was apparent once she opened up.  Therefore, I thought her personality was a perfect fit for therapy work.

When we went to take the test, I felt like we cheated.  It was simply because we were more than ready for it.

Rose came and helped me talk to children at our 3rd-grade presentation at Pine Beach Elementary School.  Due to the school policy, the kids in the class were not allowed to pet the dogs.  However, Rose still enjoyed her time with the kids and they certainly enjoyed her.  We also volunteer with Caregiver Canines and have been making visits with elderly residents who are homebound and no longer able to care for pets themselves.  Rose like to talk to them when she visits and her recipients don’t mind at all!”

Tori, Ryan & Biscotti



“We knew we wanted Biscotti to become a therapy dog as soon as she entered our lives!  She has a great personality and we knew we wanted to share the joy she brings to us with other people.

We started obedience training with her as soon as she was 8 weeks old.  We went through basic obedience all the way up to advance obedience and as her personality grew, we knew we had to keep going and meet our goal.  The exercises we practiced in class helped us to understand what to expect from the therapy dog test and desensitize Biscotti to walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, loud noise and a lot of other distractions found in hospitals and nursing homes.  When we actually took the test, we were comfortable and not as nervous because we had an idea of what to expect.

Biscotti has visited elementary schools, Girl Scouts and Brownie troops and is a volunteer with Caregiver Canines.  She loves the excitement of working with children and the calmness of working with the elderly or sick.  As long as someone is there to pet her, she’s a happy girl.




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  1. Danielle M.

    Thank you to Megan, Tori, and Kelly for training and bringing such awesome therapy dogs to Caregiver Canines. Your dogs are so well behaved and are such a blessing to the senior citizens that they visit. They are more than prepared for any situation. I always highly recommend Endless Pawsibilities. Thank you for supporting Caregiver Canines! We love you ladies!!


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