Hiring a pet sitter to care for your fur babies while your away is an important task.  There are many important things to consider when choosing a pet sitter.  What no one really talks about is the problems of hiring a pet sitter, so here’s a list of some things  you need to think about:

Problems with Pet Sitting in Toms River

  1. Someone has access to your home.   Yes, think about that.  You have given your key, garage code, and alarm codes to someone outside of your close circle.  You didn’t just pack up for vacation, lock the door and know you’re the last person to be in your home.
  2. Not just one person is coming into your home.  Do you know WHO is coming into your home?  Do you know if they are insured in case they get hurt on your property?  Do you if they can handle an emergency with your pets or home?
  3. How do you trust that person actually came and did what they claim to do?  How will you communicate with them while you are away?
  4. What happens if THEY have an emergency?  Is there a backup plan?  Do your pets not get the care they need?

These are very serious problems that you need answers to before you can feel comfortable allowing someone to care for your pets and home while you are away.

Our staff goes through criminal background checks and drug testing before they are offered a position on our team.  They spend time in orientation and training learning about pet safety, home and client safety, our policies on outside guests, and much more.

We work as a team to ensure all pets are properly cared for according to the specific instructions clients give us in our online client system.  Our sitters leave messages and pictures through this system at the end of each visit.  Our clients can respond, ask questions or just say “Thank you!” in real time.

Just like any job, we’ve had team members call out for illness, family emergencies or car accidents.  We don’t skip a beat because we have a team of sitters who can cover the visits and we have more than one key on file with the company for reasons just like this.

With Endless Paws, you can breathe easier knowing we have considered all these problems and have solutions for them all.