Problems with Pet Sitting in Toms River

Hiring a pet sitter to care for your fur babies while you’re away is an important task. There are many important things to consider when hiring a pet sitter in Toms River. The person you are allowing into your home will be responsible for caring for your fur baby and delivering your home’s daily tasks. There should be a lot of research and trust when hiring a pet sitter. Here are some problems with pet sitting in Toms River to consider. 


Someone Has Access To Your Home  

When hiring a pet sitter, you give that sitter your keys and alarm codes to access your entire house. This requires a lot of faith and trust in your sitter to believe they will keep your belongings and personal information confidential. Not only is your access given to strangers, but your family photos and possessions are also on display in your home. Ensure that you find a trusting and reliable pet sitter. Online customer reviews and personal recommendations can help you choose a pet sitter that is right for you. Remember, when hiring a pet sitter, you’re not the last person to be in your home, so it’s important to consider who has access to it. 


Multiple People May Visit Your Home 

Some pet sitting companies are bigger than others. Larger companies may have more business, but it can also mean that they have various sitters coming in depending on their scheduling and availability. Please do your research on the company to know how they perform their pet sitting services. This can also provide you with information about who is coming into your home and whether there will be more than one sitter.  


Problems with Pet Sitting in Toms River


Trusting the Sitter and What They Claim To Do

Most problems with pet sitting in Toms River occur from a lack of communication. Communication with your pet sitter is essential from the very start. Knowing your pet sitter is reliable and professional should be evident from the first point of contact. If they show intent and interest in knowing you and your pet as clients, this can build a trusting relationship between customer and sitter. Your trust will also increase based on reviews and recommendations they received. 

More trust can be built for a business when you know that your pet sitter is insured and has a plan for any emergency.

Communication from your sitter throughout your departure will only strengthen your trust in your sitter so you can be sure they are taking good care of your home and pets. 


Having a Plan for Emergencies

A reliable pet sitter will always have a plan no matter what happens. Whether you, your pet or the pet sitter themselves have an emergency, a professional pet sitter will always have a plan. When hiring a pet sitter in Toms River, be sure to ask questions about emergencies or back plans. Although these discussions are not fun, they are essential and will ensure your pet gets the care they need no matter what. 


These are very serious things to consider when hiring a pet sitter in Toms River. Discussing these topics with your pet sitter can help you feel comfortable and confident in allowing the right person to care for your pets and home while you are away.


Pet Sitting at Endless Paws

At Endless Paws, our staff goes through criminal background checks and drug testing before offering a position on our team. They spend time in orientation and training learning about pet safety, home and client safety, our policies on outside guests, and much more.

We work as a team to ensure all pets are properly cared for according to our client’s specific instructions in our online client system. Our sitters leave messages and pictures through our online system at the end of each visit. Clients can also respond, ask questions or just say “Thank you!” in real-time.


Just like any job, we’ve had team members call out for illness, family emergencies or car accidents. No matter the situation, we don’t skip a beat! We have a team of sitters who can cover the visits, and we have more than one key on file with the company for these reasons.

With Endless Paws, you can breathe easier knowing we have all these things considered and solutions for any problems that arise. Contact us for more information about our pet sitting services or book a sitting for your pet.




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