How Does a Pet Sitter Keep Your Home Safe?

Besides the care and company for your pet that you are looking for when you hire a professional pet sitter, many people like the added bonus of home security.  Knowing that someone will be in your home, collecting mail, leaving outside lights on and being a presence in your home adds to the peace of mind we provide.

Believe it or not, in the 7 years we’ve been providing pet sitting in Toms River,  home security questions are not the type of questions most people ask when they speak to us.  So, we want to take a few minutes to explain the ways we keep your home secure during services.

Pet Sitter Keep Your Home Safe


Yes, like most professional pet sitters, we do require 2 sets of keeps for emergency purposes.  We tag each key with a specially made rabies tag because we have found they are very resilient and durable.  We don’t have to worry about the tag becoming worn and wearing out.  If you’ve ever replaced your pet’s rabies tag, you know how hard it is to open that ring.

None of your information is on the tag.  No names, pet’s names, towns – absolutely nothing identifiable.  The tag actually only has our business information on it.  This ensures security in the unlikely event that a key does become lost.

Your Information

All of your personal information, home care instructions, pet care instructions, garage codes, alarm codes, and all other important information is stored on a secure server.  We do not have paper records in a filing cabinet in our office where a burglary would put our client’s information at risk.  In fact, we don’t have a paper record anywhere at all.


During our hiring process, we administer a drug test and criminal background check to all new employees before we offer them a position with our company.  Your security is one of our top priorities and we feel this step helps us ensure we hiring quality team members.


During orientation and training, new pet sitters are told all of our policies and procedures regarding maintaining the safety of your home, pets and personal information.  Some of those policies include:

  • Respecting closed doors.  If a pet does not have access to an area of the home, there is no reason for us to access it.
  • Not bringing anyone else into your home.  Only our staff members are allowed in your home when we care for your pets.
  • No sharing.  Our staff members will not share your names, address, pet’s names, dates of travel, or any other information with anyone outside of our company.
  • Visual Check.  At each visit, our staff will walk around each room to which we have access, looking for broken or open windows or and any obvious signs of a break in.

For us, ensuring your home’s security is just as important as providing excellent pet care.  We understand how scary it can be to give access to your keys, home, pets, and possession to someone you barely know.  We want you to feel comfortable and secure with our company.



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