News Flash: We Are NOT The Right Pet Sitter For 36,000 Of Your Neighbors!

Did you know that in Toms River, NJ alone there are about 89,000 people?  Statistics say that 60% of Americans have pets.  So, that means there’s about 53,000 people with pets in JUST Toms River ALONE!

But that also means that roughly 36,000 Toms River residents do not have any pets.  And while we are obviously not a match for families without pets, we have also come to learn that we are not always a good match for the 53,000 families with a pet.

And we’re OK with that.  Here’s why.

pet sitter Belle

Each of those pet owners knows what’s best for their pets.  We recognize that some pet owners would prefer to board their pets. Maybe they want a company with a team of sitters and dog trainers.  Some want to hire a sitter who runs their company alone.  Some want to have friends or families look in on their pets.  Some want to utilize clicker training methods.  Some wish to use food-based dog training.  Some may want a holistic veterinarian.  Maybe they like a one doctor veterinary clinic. Maybe they want a veterinarian who specialized in exotic pet care or cat care ONLY.   Maybe they prefer a large animal hospital with staff on premises 24/7.

There are many ways to properly care for your pets and we understand how personal that decision is.  We also recognize that our company and services are not for everyone.  That’s why we always encourage everyone we meet and speak with to choose a company THEY are comfortable with.  One they believe fits their needs and will do the best for their pets.  Choosing a veterinarian, dog trainer, cat sitter, or dog walker is a very important decision.

We want to aid you to choose the right care for your special pets, so here’s a list of other services in the Toms River area:

Pet Care:

Teddi’s Friends Pet Sitting

Loving Touch Pet Sitters

Paw-ferred Pet Sitters

Manchester Pet Care

Dog Boarding:

Toms River Animal Hospital

Pampered Pet Hospitality Center

Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Cat Boarding:

Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Toms River Animal Hospital

Doggy Day Care:

Pampered Pet Hospitality Center

Paws at Play

Exotic Pet Boarding (Birds, Reptiles, Bunnies, etc)

Toms River Animal Hospital

Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Dog Training

Clever K9

Hanlon’s K9

Ultimate Dog Training

Bark Busters


Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

Fischer Veterinary Hospital

Toms River Animal Hospital

Bayview Animal Hospital

Calling All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

Small Animal Veterinary Associates

We hope this list will help you find exactly who you are looking for your pets!



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