Kindergarteners Donate Over 620 Items to Needy Pets

Last month we helped spread the word about a pet supply donation drive the Kindergarten class of Clara B. Worth Elementary School was doing as a part of their “100 Days Kinder” Celebration.  Their goal was to collect donations of pet food, blankets, laundry detergent and other supplies to donate to The Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park Zoo.     (You can read all about it here.)

The donation drive ended on February 17, 2014, and we dropped off over 230 items but that’s when the real work began!  The students and teachers counted all the items and packaged them up in boxes to make donating them even easier.  On February 27, 2014, all the kindergarten classes got together to donate their collected items!

Kindergarteners Donate Over 620 Items to Needy Pets

Since Megan’s son is in one of the kindergarten classes, we were invited to attend the assembly and be a part of the celebration.  During the assembly, it was announced that the children collected over 630 items to donate!!!  An Animal Control Officer who works for the Popcorn Park Zoo met with the kindergarten classes to thank them for their hard work and generous donation.  It was great to see her interact with the kids and she explained how much their donation would help the pets in the shelter.  The children were encouraged to ask her questions about pet care and she happily spoke with them.

Kindergarteners Donate Over 620 Items to Needy Pets

I really think this program helped to show the children how they really can help animals regardless of how young they, themselves, maybe.  What an incredible way to teach them to be Kinder!





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