Why Is It Important to Use an Online Client Management System?

Owning and managing a pet care and dog training company in Toms River takes a lot more work than one would imagine.  Between new clients, existing clients, phone calls, emails, text messages, pet sitters, dog trainers, vacations, work schedules and so much more, there are a million ways communication can be lost and things can go awry quickly.

Online Client Management System

When we first started our company, we knew that we needed to have secure, easy, processes in place to make sure pet care instructions are current, schedules are correct, training classes run on time and all communication with our clients is recorded.  And that just on the client side!

Spend 3 minutes with our co-owner, Tori Lattig, as she explains all the reasons why it’s so important our company utilizes an online client management system.  Spoiler alert:  it’s for your benefit!

Video Transcription:

Hi everyone. I’m Tori Lattig with Endless Pawsibilities. Today, we’re going to answer the question, why do we use an online client management system? That answer is pretty involved. I’ll just dive right into it.

First of all, all of our clients are able to create their own profiles and that’s a great feature for them. There, you’re able to go in and put in all the information about where your garbage is located, what days your garbage goes out, where you want your mail put, if you want your blinds open during the day and closed at night, everything about your home care and then also everything about your pets in their pet profile.

You can put things in there like their medication instructions, where their food is located, how much they get fed, how often they get fed, what their favorite toys are, what their favorite treats are, what walking route they take or wherein the backyard they’re supposed to go to the bathroom. Really, everything about your home and your pet’s care, you’re able to put in there and know that the most current information is available to us because you can update it anytime. It’s really a great feature.

The other benefit of that is that you’re also able to go in and schedule your appointments 24/7. If you get home late from work or you randomly decide you want to go away in the weekend, you can go online and put your appointment request in and you can do that anytime. Then once we get them, we’re able to approve them and then send you an email confirmation.

That email confirmation shows you these are the days that we’re coming and these are the times that we’re coming. Again, everything is really easy for our clients to read and you’re confirmed and you know what’s happening.

It’s also a great, easy way for payments. You enter your credit card information. It’s stored in a secured manner. In the future, when you book appointments, you don’t have to worry about leaving checks or anything like that. It’s all super easy in a click of a button and it’s all really great for you.

The other side of that is that it’s awesome for the sitters because now they have all the instructions for how you want your home and your pets are taken care of. All of the sitters who are taking care of your pet are able to access that same information.

The quality of care is the same no matter which one of our staff members is taking care of your pet because we all have that information available to us.

It also gives us all your emergency contacts. God forbid, anything would happen, we would have your emergency contacts and you would be able to call them and deal with any emergencies that should arrive.

Sitter’s schedules are emailed nightly. They get a schedule in the morning and it shows them what their schedule is for the next seven days. As things change, it updates each night. The sitters always know what their schedule is and there’s never any questions about that.

It’s really important because it keeps the sitter, the client and us all on the same page and we all know what’s happening and the ball is rolling in the right direction.

Thanks so much for listening.



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