How was the 2013 Yappy Hour?

I’m glad you want to know! Friday, June 14th was the 7th Annual Doggie Yappy Hour at the Ocean County Park in Lakewood.  I just have to say that THIS is the event we wait all year long for!  It’s our favorite!  Why?  Well, because 7 years ago, this was the FRIST event Megan and I attended with our newly created business and we love that we are able to participate in it every year and watch it grow.

With the threat of thunderstorms in the forecast, we kept telling ourselves that it would be a beautiful evening.  Wouldn’t you know it…our positive thinking pulled through!  The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot for the dogs and we got a 5-minute sun shower.

How was the 2013 Yappy Hour

Some of the crowd

Vendors are scheduled to set up from 4pm-6pm and the event is from 6pm-8pm.  Thankfully, we finished setting up early because by 5:30 pm guests were already arriving with their dogs!  It’s always great to see the enthusiasm the crowd has at this event.

endless paws booth

Our Booth!

Around 6:15, the festivities officially started the Parks Department had some fun games for the dogs to play with their parents.  I even saw them playing Simon Says!

A little later, they started having different demonstrations in the main ring.  Some of our clients helped us educate the crowd during our obedience demonstration.

The next fun demo was by Clever K9 and they had some of their agility students run through the agility course.  It’s always so awesome to watch the teams take off and have so much fun together!

Next up was a Frisbee demo!  Oh my gosh!  These dogs run SO fast and jump SO high!  It’s incredible!

While the demos were setting up, attendees had lots of pet-friendly vendors to talk to!  This was the biggest vendor turn out yet!  From pet stores, rescues, food trucks, DOGGIE ice cream truck, doggie chiropractor, pet clothing and more.  Some of our favorite pet businesses were there, too!  Michael Bagley Photography, Ocean County Veterinary Hospital, and Dalia’s Doggie Rehab.

Photo Credit:Michael Bagley Photography

Photo Credit:Michael Bagley Photography

I think the most fun part for us was teaming with Michael Bagley Photography for a special project we’ve named “What My Dog Thinks”  Basically, pet parents wrote on a dry erase thought bubble something they think their dog thinks.  Some of the comments were hysterical.  Some practical.  Some were super creative.  We had some good laughs with pet parents during the event.  Check out the photos!

Thank you to the Ocean County Parks Department for producing another HOWLING good event!!!!!




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