How Do You Know How to Care for My Pets?

Every day we talk to new people who are interested in learning more about our service of pet sitting in Toms River.  Today someone asked me, “How do you know HOW to care for my pets?”  Isn’t that a great question?!

How Do You Know How to Care for My Pets

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We have an online database that new clients log into and create their own account.  You create your username and password and fill in all the fields.  You will provide us with all the information necessary to care for your home.  So, when you’re done with your profile you will have told us:

  • Where the cleaning supplies are
  • What blinds you want open during the day and closed at night
  • What lights you want to be turned on and off
  • What plants to water
  • Where the garbage cans are located in your home and outside
  • What days garbage goes to the curb and MORE!

Now it’s time for the FUN part!  Creating a profile for each of your pets!  You even get to upload a picture of each pet so that you can be sure we know who is who!  Each pet profile will tell us:

  • Your pet’s name age, species, breed, color, sex and birthday
  • Is your pet aggressive in any way?  You can elaborate if there are any situations to which we need to be aware.
  • What medications are your pets on?  Where are located?  How often are they given?
  • Your pet’s feeding routine -Where is your pet’s food located?  Where do they eat?  How much do they eat?  How often do they eat?
  • Bathroom Routine – Where is the litter box, scooper, and baggies?  Where are poop bags for the walk?  Do we need to pick up after your dog in the back yard?
  • Location of the leash and/or pet carrier
  • Any other special notes – What’s your pet’s bedtime routine?  What games or treats do they love?  Are they crated or kept in a special area of the home when no one is home?  Do you have a special walking route?

Want to see an example of what our client/pet profiles look like from the sitter’s point of view?  Click here to see what our sitter’s see!

Once you create your online profile, you have access to it 24/7!  That means if your pet goes to the vet the morning you leave for vacation, you can take 2 minutes to update your pet’s medication in their profile and now we AUTOMATICALLY have the most current information to care for your pet!  You don’t have to call or email (unless you WANT to) to give us an update.

You have the peace of mind that our instructions are current because they’re at your fingertips!




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