Great Places to Take Your Dog Walking in Toms River

What’s better than grabbing your sneakers, some bottles of water, and your dog’s leash to head out for some quality time with them?!  Nothing, in my book!  The look on their face is priceless when they realize “I’M GOING, TOO!!”

As a dog walkers in Toms River, we spend a lot of time walking around different neighborhoods and talking to clients about their favorite places to take their canine companions.  So, we figured we’d put together a quick list of great places where you can take your dog walking in Toms River and the surrounding areas.

Great Places to Take Your Dog Walking in Toms River

Loki out for his walk

  • Double Trouble State Park:  Located at the intersection of Pinewald Keswick Road and Double Trouble Road.  This park offers LOTS of trails and swimming areas for you and your pooch.  It’s one of our dog’s favorite places to run along trails on their 30-foot leashes and play fetch in the water.
  • Winding River Park: This park can be accessed from Route 37 West of Oak Ridge Parkway in Toms River
  • Cattus Island Park:  Located at 1170 Cattus Island Blvd. in Toms River.  Another park that offers lots of trails for you to explore with your pup.
  • Gillie Park: Located on Manchester Ave in Forked River: Offers a paved walkway for walking, ball fields and playgrounds to entertain your 2 legged family members as well.

Of course, these parks require your dogs are leashed and you clean up any messes they make.  Most of them have poop stations either near the parking lots of along the walking routes.



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