Does Dog Training Come with a Guarantee?

With so many options for dog training in Toms River, many will use a “guarantee” to help you chose.  We believe that dog behavior is not a black or white subject.  When people ask if we offer a guarantee on our training, our answer isn’t black or white either.

Does Dog Training Come with a Guarantee

Here is what we CANNOT guarantee:

  • That your dog will never get sick.  Did you know that illnesses can greatly affect behavior?
  • That no other human/animal moves in/out of your home.  The Pack (family members) dynamic affects behavior.
  • That the breed of dog you have matches your lifestyle.
  • That your work schedule, therefore time away from the home, will remain the same.
  • That you will never experience extreme emotion (ie. death/illness of a loved one).
  • That you will be truthful with us about your dog’s behavior (Because owner’s love their dogs so much, they often overlook the issues and downplay any concerning behaviors).
  • That you, as the handler, will practice (with your dog) EVERY day, multiple times a day.
  • That you will perform the exercises correctly.
  • That you will provide adequate exercise for your dog (real exercise, the yard doesn’t count).
  • That you will be consistent.

Here is what we CAN and DO guarantee:

  • We will give you our best.
  • We will teach you.  We take the time to explain why dogs do what they do as well as pinpoint certain traits about your dog that will help your training come full circle.
  • We will take your limitations, whether it is physical, environmental, or time-related, into consideration to find the best way to help you implement training.
  • We think outside the box.  We do not use a cookie cutter training method.  Though we have a preferred training style, we know the same technique does not work for EVERY dog.
  • We have multiple trainers, so if you find the instructor to not be the right fit for you, we will try another member of our team.
  • When you travel or work late, we can reinforce training when we care for your dog (we are pet sitters, too!).
  • We are here for you and your dog.  Before, during, after the training program has ended, and even if you do not use us for training.  Call and talk to us!
  • We LOVE what we do!

Since behavior is affected by so many variables, there is no possible way we can control all of them. The most constant and influential factor in your dog’s life is YOU.  Therefore, it is imperative for you to do your part.  We expect each and every owner to be just as committed to their dog’s success as we are.  We could and certainly would guarantee training if we could guarantee the owners (and everyone in the house) will do their part.

We use our knowledge, experience, and resources to assess the best approach to address the issues you are experiencing.  If one approach does not work we try another.  We are diligent in our work.  We are compassionate.  We are dedicated to you and your dog.


Written by Megan Ventura



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