Do You Provide Pack Dog Walking in Toms River?

When you think of a dog walker, your mind may automatically picture one person walking 4-10 dogs at once.  This is called pack walking and it is more common in places like New York City and San Fransisco.

Since we’ve started offering dog walking in Toms River and the surrounding areas, we’ve found it more beneficial to our clients and their dogs to only walk the dogs from one household at a time.  Could we walk more than that?  Sure, we could.  But, we want to give your pet’s our undivided attention while we’re with them.

Pack Dog Walking in Toms River

Here are some reasons we feel walking one household at a time is best:

  • While we’re out with your dogs, we need to be watching them, other dogs out on walks, kids, joggers, bicyclists, and anything else that comes in our path.  We don’t feel it’s in your dog’s best interest to add other dogs in our care to the mix.
  • Some dogs may be more nervous or reactive around other dogs.  We want to make sure we care for their specific needs.
  • Maybe you want your dog(s) to be the center of attention?  We do, too!
  • Some dogs can walk at a faster pace than others.  We want to make sure all dogs can be exercised at a level that fits their needs.
  • Some dogs won’t go to the bathroom in a crowd.

Pack Dog Walking in Toms River

I know there are lots of beneficial reasons why some dog walkers choose to walk dogs in a pack, but in our area and in our business, we feel walking one household at a time is the best for us.





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