Are All Pet Sitters Created Equal?

There are bad eggs in every industry, right?  Unfortunately, the pet sitting industry isn’t shielded from this stigmata.  It’s very disheartening and frustrating when we hear stories of how pets were injured or died in a pet sitter’s care.  Yes, accidents happen and sometimes things are beyond our control but it doesn’t make it any easier to hear the stories and know that those sitters are giving those of us who take this job seriously, a very bad name.  Even more importantly, they are creating heartache for families.

Are All Pet Sitters Created Equal

One of the stories that stick out in my mind happened about 2 years ago.  A couple left their dog with a friend and her family to care for him while they went on vacation.  In the morning, the mom put the dog outside and instructed her teenage kids to let the dog back inside in a little while.  Being teenagers, they forgot.  It wasn’t until mom returned from work that the dog was discovered in the backyard in very critical condition from heat stroke.  Although the family who was watching the dog rushed him to the vet, it was too late and the dog did not survive.

Stories of sitters using their business as a way to make a quick dollar and neglect the animals left in their care are reprehensible.  Like the story here of a man in North Carolina.

The most heinous and possibly famous pet sitter gone wry story happened in Arizona.

We can’t comprehend how irresponsible and incompassionate these so-called pet sitters are.  Your pets, their care, your home, and your trust are our first priority as professional pet sitters.  Those of us around the world, who spend our lives making sure your pets get the care they deserve could never think act so carelessly.

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