5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Halloween is a great holiday for kids and grownups alike – but it can be wonderful for your dogs as well! Involve them in all the fun and dress them up with some sensible, comfortable and fun looking costumes so they can join the family fun around the neighborhood. These 5 Halloween costume ideas for your dog are easy to create by yourself or buy online. Your dogs won’t mind them all that much and they look really nice and creative.




The Cerberus is a great first option, as it only involves two fake dog heads attached to the sides of your actual dog. This is a Greek mythical creature that looks like a dog with 3 heads, and it originally was thought to guard the Underworld, making sure the dead can’t get out. The heads can be made from light papier-mâché, and attached to your dog’s collar. A similar creature makes an appearance in the Harry Potter books as well, so there are some pairing ideas there for your kid and your dog.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog - Lion




Another simple, straightforward costume – a lion. You basically just need to create or buy a lion’s mane costume for your dog’s collar, and if your dog’s fur is of a brown-yellow color, then the costume will be a hit. Again, it involves as little prep as possible, and the costume will not bother your dog almost at all. If the dog doesn’t mind, you can also attach some of that mane hair to the end of the dog’s tail for a more complete lion costume.




This is a great costume for dogs who are forced to wear or are comfortable wearing a pet cone. Attach some tin foil, some papier-mâché models and you’ve got yourself a simple satellite costume for your dog. This is a great DIY project for the whole family, with the dog being at the center of it all.




A more full-body costume idea, the dinosaur is highly popular as a Halloween costume for your dog. Depending on your dog’s shape and size, you can opt for a bunch of different models and types of dinosaur costumes – your imagination is basically the limit here. Just make sure the dog is comfortable, and you should be fine to have some fun with this great dog costume idea.

5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog Ballerina




Strap on a fluffy tutu on any dog and you’ve got a great costume for Halloween – easy to do, easy to dress and take off, and it will most likely not bother your dog at all. Just make sure it isn’t tight and that it’s secured well enough still so it won’t fall off or get in-between your dog’s back legs and make the dog trip. Otherwise, it’s an amazingly funny and original Halloween costume idea for your dog.

While these costumes are funny and are meant to pose as little bother to your dog as possible, never insist on your pet wearing them if they don’t want to. Halloween is meant to be fun, and there’s little to no reason to cause distress to your dog over a costume.



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