4 Ways to Incorporate Dog-Friendly Decor in Your Home

Just because you own a pet doesn’t mean your home has to lack style. There are many modern and beautiful items like dog beds, feeding bowls and even designer doggie couches that can add a touch of puppy panache to your home. Remember, the dog-friendly decor isn’t limited to dog-only items, either.

4 Ways to Incorporate Dog-Friendly Decor in Your Home

Follow these design tips to better cohabitate with your four-legged friend, stylishly, of course:

Leash Hangers and Dog Baskets

Leashes, harnesses and potty bags can all be considered eyesores. These items often find themselves scattered across tabletops, counters and even the floor. Instead of giving up on controlling the mess, you can organize your pet’s accessories with a stylish box or basket to store potty bags, sanitary wipes, and harnesses.

Place the box by the entryway or stash it away in a coat closet, just make sure that it’s always accessible. Commonly used key holders also can serve double-duty; simply hang your pet’s leash from one of the hooks for easy access. This way the leash will be in its proper place whenever you’re ready to talk a walk with your buddy.

Dog-Approved Home Accessories

Many items around the home can pose a choking risk for animals. So, be sure to avoid this situation by dog-proofing your home.

Instead of decorating your windows with long, flowing drapes that reach the floor, hang up customized roller shades. These cleanly-designed shades don’t have any hanging cords, so you don’t have to worry about your pup getting caught up in a tangled mess. Plus, some roller shade styles offer glare reduction and UV protection, which can keep your pup protected from the sun.

The garbage kept in trashcans also can pose a serious threat to curious canines. Toxic foods like avocados, cherry pits, apple seeds, candies, and garlic are all poisonous to pets, explains the Humane Society. Trashcans (even dog-proof ones) come in many different shapes and sizes. For instance, the pedal-operated Simple Human Butterfly Step Can complement modern interiors while the Country Kitchen Bin by Brylane Home suits warmer environments. Whether your kitchen is decorated with cool tones and stainless steel appliances or if you have a warm country home, there’s a pooch-proof option waiting for you.

Disguise Pet Food and Treats

Big bulky bags of food and boxes of treats are unattractive and can clutter your home. Disguise unsightly pet food and treats with tasteful canisters and bins. The online pet boutique, Unleashed Life, offers a collection of chic treat canisters, for instance. And, Wag.com has a variety of trendy dog-food tins that can stylishly disguise those bags.

Pet-Proof Fabrics

Some home fabrics are not forgiving when it comes to the abuse they take from pets. Sofas, chairs, and rugs all take quite a beating when it comes to doggy accidents, shedding and drool. HGTV recommends using versatile outdoor-indoor upholstery that can resist moisture and stains. Sofas can easily be re-upholstered with stylish prints that can stand the test of time. Choose bold colors or prints, and avoid dark colors if you have a white or tan pup that sheds.

If you can’t use indoor-outdoor materials, HGTV suggests coating your lightweight fabrics in Teflon. There are many facilities nationwide that can apply the Teflon stain repellent, and the average cost of the treatment is about $8 per yard.



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  1. Irene White

    Pet-proof fabrics are important! They are curious about anything in the house, just like kids.


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