4 Fun Ways to Use the GoPro Fetch Harness

GoPro cameras have been a technological boon for snowboarders, hunters, surfers and just about anyone else wanting to capture action video in real-time. Now your best friend can enjoy the fun right along with you.

GoPro Fetch Harness

The GoPro Fetch dog harness allows you to strap your camera to your dog. It allows mounting either on their back or chest to film any activity from digging to jumping. The Fetch fits dogs as small as 15 pounds and larger ones up to 120 pounds.

Some interesting ideas as to what type of activities the Fetch can capture have been circulating on the web since its introduction this past August. Here are four fun ways to use it:

Home Alone

Mike The Intern, a radio personality on 104.7 The Cave in Springfield, Missouri, uploaded a video to YouTube on December 20 called “What my dog does when I leave.” He attached a GoPro to his dog and left the house. The video touched so many hearts that as of today it has garnered over 15 million views.

The dog immediately began pacing from room to room apparently in search of his beloved owner the moment Mike left the house. He ultimately stopped searching, laid down on what appears to be some dirty laundry and howls for several seconds.

Mike said via Reddit that it was the first time he’d heard his dog howl in the six years he has owned him. Several other Reddit commenters encouraged Mike to get another dog as the howling struck most people as loneliness.  Of course, we would urge Mike to hire his lonely pup a dog walker to take him out for a nice walk during the day.  Regardless it turned out to be a fun and extremely viral experiment.

Swimming Lessons

GoPro owners know about the Dive Housing that makes their cameras waterproof up to nearly 200 feet deep. Now you can combine it with the Fetch to take fascinating swimming shots of your dog.

Darrell Etherington uploaded a six-minute video, complete with a stock music bed, that he shot during Labor Day weekend. He said via Tech Crunch that his yellow Labrador Chelsea was shy at first when the camera was strapped on, but loosened up soon enough. Chelsea apparently was not a water dog before this weekend getaway, which made the clip all the more enjoyable for her owners.

Etherington pointed out that Chelsea barely noticed the Fetch harness after a few minutes of swimming.

Dog Sports

Whether it’s catching frisbees or lure coursing, filming your dog’s sporting activities with the Fetch will provide lasting memories. Most sports need to be introduced when they are puppies, but every case is unique.

Back Seat Driver

Dashcam videos can provide compelling content simply by driving through places with scenic views. Those of you with dogs that enjoy riding in the back of pickup trucks can use the Fetch to get a whole different perspective.

A little creativity and imagination can make your dog the next YouTube celebrity with the help of a GoPro Fetch.



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