10 Reasons You Need Our Pet Sitting Service!

As a pet parent, there are lots of reasons why you need our pet sitting services, but we made it easy for you!  How many of these items can YOU relate to?

Pet Sitting Service Endless Paws

Junior and Saint taking a cat nap

  1. Your boss may fire you if you call out AGAIN because your furbaby is sick and you don’t want to leave her home alone all day.
  2. Your kitty loves to be petted and play lazer tag waaaay to much to be left alone all weekend.
  3. Your friends have stopped answering your calls.  They love Buffy, too…but they don’t want to watch her again.
  4. If your canine companion doesn’t go for a walk in the middle of the day to burn off energy, you come home to a crazy-hyper, attention starved pooch who ate 1/2 the window sill!
  5. You can’t trust that your neighbor/aunt/mother-in-law will REALLY microwave their dinner for exactly 13 seconds, stir, and heat again for 9 seconds AND give them all their supplements properly.
  6. Your new puppy needs socialization, play and potty time while you go to  Happy Hour with clients to seal a big deal.
  7. You want the peace of mind knowing a professional is giving your pets the care they deserve.
  8. Your best friends call you the ‘Crazy Cat Lady” and you’ve missed the annual Girls Weekend 4 years in a row
  9. Your family and friends can’t bare to feed your reptiles the gross diet they need.  They also don’t understand how you can cuddle them either?
  10. Your parrot has taken off a loved ones fingers to make the point that they are not welcome to clean their cage.

If any of this sounds like you, then you need us!  Let us help you care for your special baby, it would be our honor!



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