Meet the people who make up the extraordinary team of Endless Pawsibilities, LLC.

Tori Lattig – Owner, Pet Sitter

My childhood love of animals became even more apparent when in high school I adopted my first Great Dane and became interested in dog obedience and animal rescue. In 2004, I became the Co-Adoption Application Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League where I intimately worked with other volunteers on my team as well as interested adopters participated in many Dane transportations conducted temperament evaluations, and participated in Meet & Greets to educate the public on basic dog care and the specifics of the breed. I stepped down as coordinator to focus on my career but continue to work with the rescue when needed.

I had begun pet sitting for co-workers and volunteers of the rescue and realized I looked forward to going to each house and spending time with other’s pets. Getting to know their individual personalities and developing a bond with each of them was an amazing opportunity.

When I began working at an animal hospital, I was given a greater opportunity to build relationships with clients’ pets and began pet sitting special needs animals. The more I helped people keep their pets at home and on their own schedules, easing their owners concerns, the more I knew I wanted pet sitting to be much more than a hobby.

Creating Endless Pawsibilities, LLC with Megan has been an incredible testimony to our love and dedication to pets. Every day we strive to care for each pet in our custody as if they were our own and provide their owners with exceptional professionalism and customer service. Our slogan, “Your Pets, Our Passion” truly encompasses the enthusiasm we have for our craft.


Karen Baeli – Pet Sitter

I have been an animal lover all my life. As a child, there were always puppies, kittens, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits around our house. I even rescued a chipmunk from my cats mouth! As an adult, I have made great effort to help rescue the numerous stray cats living in the woods behind my house. I managed to find homes for dozens of kittens and I even adopted a few.

I currently have 4 Furkids-2 dogs, Gigi and Dexter and 2 cats-Baby Girl and Malgro (which means “miracle”). I found Millie when she was 6 weeks old stuck between the slats of my fence. Against everyone’s suggestions of putting her to sleep because of an assumed broken back, I took her to my vet and was happy to find out nothing was broken!! After an injection of anti-inflammatory medication and weeks of my own physical therapy exercises, Millie began using her hind legs!! (Now you can see how she got her name!)

It’s great to work with Tori and Megan as I love their philosophy and work ethic. I am so enjoying being a part of the Endless Pawsibilities team – I’ve made many new furry friends and love spending time with them!

–Karen is available for daily visits, vacations, and overnights.–


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